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Five Happy Children

Youth Programs in Grand Rapids

Youth Ministry Care Is Offered During Our 10:30 a.m. Service & Includes:

Small Toddlers Playing On A Rocking Moose

Unitots: Infants - 4 Years

The youngest representatives of our Youth Ministry are provided with a safe, nurturing environment while you attend Sunday services. Their room has a generous supply of infant and toddler equipment and activities for learning, play and comfort. Unitots is staffed with loving and experienced childcare providers who are here regularly. Parents are asked to provide diapers, wipes, juice cups and/or bottles for their own child. Unitots provides a small snack (crackers, animal cookies, juice) but we ask that you bring your own if your child has special dietary needs.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

The main focus is on reinforcing the idea that God is within us, around us, everywhere present, and loves us unconditionally. The children also learn Unity’s Prayer of Protection, the Peace song, the five principles of Unity.

Young Child In A T-Rex Costume
Group Of Kids High Fiving

Uniteens: 6th-8th Grade

The focus is on giving students the opportunity to be spiritually enlightened, encouraged, strengthened and empowered via group discussions, activities and projects. Classes focus on the many challenging issues that exist during one of the most difficult stages in life. Topics such as peer pressure, school difficulties, etc., are brought up during weekly check-ins. Group follow-up discussions provide an avenue to develop spiritual problem solving and social skills. Unity’s spiritual principles are applied to feedback and the class ends with a meditation. Opportunities to attend regional retreats with adult sponsors are also highlights.

Y.O.U. High School

Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) provides an opportunity and safe place for teenagers to meet other teenagers seeking their own spiritual path. The group provides an unbiased environment in which they may share their feelings toward any situation, and in which all aspects of spirituality are covered. In the course of learning and growing, they are allowed the freedom to question and challenge. A weekly lesson, taught by Y.O.U.’ers for Y.O.U.’ers, is offered, as well as the opportunity to plan and participate in fundraisers and various types of service work. Highlights of the year include opportunities to attend sub-regional, regional and international rallies and conferences.

Parents And Children Dressed Up In Costumes
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