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Unity Spiritual Community Membership

Interested in becoming a member? Visit our New Member registration page!

From Rev. Michael Rocque - 


We would be honored to have you consider making Unity Spiritual Community of Grand Rapids your Spiritual home. 


In order to become a member of our community, in addition to the requirements of the by-laws (see below), we require that you take a three-part new membership class that is normally offered the first quarter of the year (Jan-Mar).  The announcement for the class will be made after the holidays in terms of the dates and time of those classes.  I ask people throughout the year if they are interested to let me know and I keep a list.  If the list gets large, I will consider doing additional classes. 


There are also circumstances where exceptions can be made.  For example, when somebody has a membership from another Unity church and they would like to transfer it.  Our bylaws allow that to happen quickly without having to take the class. 


In order to become a member, please see Section 3.02 of our Bylaws which states:


Section 3.02 – Members

(a) Application/Declaration of Commitment.  Anyone desiring membership in the Church will file an Application for Membership form with the Church office.

(b) Interview.  A minister will promptly interview the applicant to determine whether or not the applicant satisfies the qualifications for becoming a member of Unity Spiritual Community Church set forth in these Bylaws, including the applicant’s knowledge of basic Unity principles, and provide instruction to those who do not know its basic principles. The Senior Minister may choose to wait until there are enough other applicants to offer a New Member Class on basic Unity principles which must be completed.

(c) Presentation to Board of Trustees.  Following the interview and upon completion of any required instruction, the application will be presented to the Board of Trustees at its next regular meeting, together with the Senior Minister’s recommendation concerning the action to be taken on such application.

(d) Vote.  Upon a majority affirmative vote of the Board of Trustees present and voting, the applicant will be admitted to Active Membership in the Church and receive a Certificate of Membership.

(e) Notification.  All applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision on their membership application by the Board Secretary or the Secretary’s designee.

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