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Clouds In The Sky

Spiritual Leadership


Reverend Michael Rocque

For the last 5 years, Michael served as the Spiritual Leader at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth.  He was officially ordained in July of 2022. Since the time I was a child, I have known I was connected to something that was way bigger than just me.  I attended a Methodist church as a child. My mother introduced me to Unity and New Thought principles when I was 16 years old and I immediately felt like I was home. Unity ignited in me a passion for truth ever since.  


For over 40 years, I have had a desire to further understand my own divinity by exploring and playing with spirituality and God and then share that passion with others.   This has led me to study several different teachers, masters, spiritual paths and understandings. 

 As a result, I have attended and taught more workshops and Sunday talks then I can remember.  I love children and spent 9 years working with the Youth Of Unity(High Schoolers). I have spent 9 years serving on boards, including three as president.  I have considered it an honor to have been in service to Unity and the community as long as I have been able to and am looking forward to continuing.

Rev. Michael Rocque

Board of Trustees

Chuck Pearson | Board President
Chuck Pearson
Board President
Joan Duggan | Vice President
Joan Duggan
Vice President
Ray Jaglowski | Board Treasurer
Ray Jaglowski
Board Treasurer
Phyliss Zimmerman | Board Member
Phyliss Zimmerman
Board Member
Lynne Hill | Board Alternate
Lynne Hill
Board Member
Susan Smith | Board Member
Susan Smith
Board Member
Troy Scott | Audio & Visual
Troy Scott
Board Member
Bill Bussey | Board Member
Bill Bussey
Board Member

If you would like to contact the Board of Trustees, you can email:

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