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Unity Spiritual Yearly Themes

Our yearly theme is a chosen topic by Rev. Mike that is for those who are interested, to follow throughout the year for a deeper dive into their own spiritual journey and awakening.  


The yearly theme will also be broken down into quarterly themes. Each quarterly theme unveils new dimensions of yearly theme and helps to foster a deeper understanding and spiritual enrichment. Join us in this dynamic series as we deepen our connection with God and one another.

2024 Yearly Theme: The Calling from Rev. Mike

For this year's theme we will diving into what I call “The Calling” which is something that has been stirring in my own soul for awhile now.  

The Calling - What Is it?

It is longing for a deeper experience of self in one or more areas of your life. 

It may be asking you for something more or something less.  

It may ask you to learn something or let something go. 

It may require a big change or a small one. 

It may require a lot or a little. 

In truth, until you listen, you will never know. because every calling is different. 


There is no “One” calling, there are several throughout our lives. 

And….. every calling is different for every person. 


But no matter what, there is always a calling and the key is to learn to listen. 

There is calling going on right now for each and every one of us.

For some, there may be several callings going on.

For some, there may be only one. 

For some The Calling maybe loud and others it maybe subtle. 

But regardless of how many or how loud they are, you are being called right now. 

The only question is – what are you doing about your calling? 

Are you listening to it or are you ignoring it?


The Quarterly Themes Will Be:

  1. Opening to the Calling/Listening to Guidance 

  2. Sacred Discernment - 

  3. Sacred Action - 

  4. Embody the Calling

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