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A Safe Environment for All

Here is what our Covid-19 committee has come up with as guidelines until further notice:

  • We will follow CDC Guidelines. Wearing masks are optional.

  • Kitchen Angels will supply small water bottles which can be discarded.

Touch Preference Policy

Most Unity people like to give hugs, however we understand that everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to touch. 

As a result, we use a color dot to let everyone know what your comfort level is: 

Green Dot: Full Touch - hugs are okay

Yellow Dot: Light Touch - A handshake or fist bump will work, but no hugs.

Red Dot: NO Touch

Please place a color dot on your name tag so everyone will know your touch preference.  The color dots are located in the lobby by the name tags. Please be aware of other people’s dots to respect their touch preference. 

End of service - during the singing of the peace song, all are welcome to join in a circle and hold hands.  If anyone joins with a red dot, they will stay in the circle, but simply not hold hands with anyone.   

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